Friday, October 2, 2009

Allah hu Rabbi

Oh dear. My attention span is comparable to that of a donkey. My apologies to all subspecies of Donkius Somethingus. I am rightfully supposed to be drowning in Biochem at the moment but distractions are aplenty with the laptop being one of them. God grant me strength to fight this demon ( aka internet ). The jolting spasmic contractions of my diaphragm isn't helping either. Tested the whole drink-water-upside-down theory. Proven to be invalid. Bah.

I guess this week and the next is demanding quite a lot from me and I haven't had some quality me-time in a very long time. :( boohoo. How I wish I can just close my eyes and suddenly its already the next Thursday. Finish anatomy control and sign myself up for retail therapy! Oh dear, this is such an empty post. Like a library without books. Or like a hotdog without the frank.

Today. Physiology lecture-Anatomy lecture-Anatomy class-Psychology lecture. 9am-6pm non stop. And I used to love Thursdays. To my delight, DHL phoned me in the middle of Psycho lect to tell me that my parcel has arrived! Ah, steps were swift and light as I made my way back home, eager to wrap my hands around the goodies I ordered on Amazon. Picked it up from security as soon as I entered the building and went upstairs quivering in delight ( I also needed to pee really badly).

The goodies were actually just Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol and Gray's Clinical Atlas of the Human Anatomy :) Delivery was pretty quick considering I only placed my order 2 days ago. Sadly I can't touch either one yet until I clear my controls. Hmm. So happy with my new purchases! Don't know why I'm very excited by it. Maybe its the PMS kicking in. Warning! haha

Must study. Must study. Must study.


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starry eyed said...

hey evana! najwa here. yeah, just found ur blog and am now ur loyal stalker. haha. anyway, im so stoked to know that amazon ships here! but how do u go about with the payment and shipping? guna paypal ey? do let me know k? :)