Friday, September 25, 2009


Faith is what keeps one together.

Within the comforts of my bed, dreams weave in and out of my consciousness, unmasking the endless possibilities that life can tempt one with. An idle mind, malignant in nature, can lead us to the end of the trestle and rest on the edge on the very tips of our toes.

Gradually, the wind rustles through the filaments of my hair, netting memories and tales which really, deserve to remain where they once belonged. Relentlessly, they haunt my being. Shadowing me, dogging my footsteps, failing to leave me companionless. Queerly, this can of worms do not belong to me.

It continues on and on, my struggle, sunrise to sunset, sunset to sunrise. The intensity of the pain it brings me, heightens with every passing minute. Cool breeze swirl alongside the enemy, lifting it closer and closer to the limits of my containment.

Swiftly, the same draft stirs up a strange entity of energy within me. One that is able to vitalize and innervate me, zipping me into optimism and radiance. Faith, some may call it. With renewed confidence, I begin my battle against the ghosts of the past, restoring peace within my stance - the memories, dwell in my memory no longer.

Well, at least until the next catalyst comes to pay me a visit, provoking the very thing I fear from the shallows of their place of interment. Lady luck may not be on my side then, disarming me, leaving me frail and fragile, helpless against the body that consumes me.

Then, I falter. And I cry.

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