Friday, August 7, 2009

Watch out, WMU!

This is our Sean.
This Sean is the one and only SEAN that you can find in the entire world. His jokes are -.-" worthy. His bouts are..just -.-""" ineffable. He claims that he is a very pragmatic and factual person. Its cool, how he spits out brass tacks and numbers during unlawful times but it does get annoying up to a certain extent. Haha. Seriously. Stop it.
Sean is a big boy. BUT, he is a baby at heart. A big baby with an undisciplined bowel. Sean needs to go to the toilet at the most absurd moments. Be it during shopping or even before immigration check after getting of a plane.
Sean is a Rock God. Honestly, his passion for guitar and music is very enviable because he is one that will not stop at anything to see his dreams come true :) I hope that you will get the opportunity to extend your passion into your career someday somehow. Please do not stop playing music, because that is the one thing that individuates you.
I hope that America will treat you right, creating chances and delivering opportunities for you to become bigger than the person that you already are. Sean, strong and determined are only two of the millions of words that can personalise you. Only YOU are unaware of that fact :)
Regarding MiaowMiaow, she is good for you and I hope that you two will make it :)

We will miss you Penanboy :)

p.s. go easy on the alco ;)

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