Friday, August 7, 2009

August, go away!

Lady August came to pay me a visit about a week ago and I daresay that she is most definitely less than welcome!

Attention! Attention!
Evana has less than 16 days left in KL.
16x24=384 hrs.
192 hrs = sleep.
Therefore, I have 192 hrs left before I say byebye to home, nasi lemak and tv :(
192 hrs to Uni of hell.
Oh me oh my.

We like zem listies. Things I have to do:
1. Go white water rafting
2. Get a wide angle Tokina AT-X 124 12-24mm f/4 lens. (or a Nikkor if I had the greens)
3. Pack stuff to mail to Moscow.
4. Eat Sarawak Laksa and Johor Laksa.
5. Singapore!
6. Finish painting my room. It has been like that for 2 years now.
7. Go to KLCC. wtf
8. Finish piano.
9. Learn how to make Lodeh. yumm
10. Drive. (most def cannot la. Next summer yeah)
11. Go for Kickboxing (no time!)
12. Get Eddie to remember me, and love me like how she used to :(
13. Get Holga :)
14. Lose another kilo? pls pls pls
15. TOUCH Anatomy. (forget it la, sry Svetlana)
16. LOOK for my Histo book. (ah, this one can do! Bobo will be proud)
17. Get a Crumpler.
18. I have EXACTLY 2 months left of being 18 :(
19. Get my advanced diving license.

bah.... My memory is failing me. I am pretty sure there were more things I had to do. Hmmmm.. Ohwell, I'm sure they'll come around sometime later.

grh grh grh .
Dont want to go back.
Dont want.
Dont want.
Ne Khachu.
Bu Yao.
Tak Nak.

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