Sunday, July 5, 2009

Umur Ais

Caught this movie the other day on the opening day with a whole bunch of people at one utama the other day. I was rooting for HANNAH MONTANA! I really wanted to watch that. :( But I was outvoted. clearly. Thanks Jasmine, for wanting to watch it as well. But the boys were keen on this. So, we got someone else to get the tickets for this due to the horrific queue, which we were not eager to be part of. So, due to miscommunication, we settled with paying RM16 each for Ice Age 3 in 3D which is A LOT for ONE movie, if you were to ask me. Anyhow, we went along with it, unsure of what to expect.

The movie was okaaaaaaaaaaay, if you were to ask me. I mean, the preceding instalments didn't manage to excite me thaaaat much. I guess, a bunch of misfit prehistoric animals disagreeing with the law of nature and life is just not my genre. The supposedly 'short' movie felt long to me and the 7 minutes Sen and I took to go down to buy popcorn and coke was probably the most exciting moment of the show.

But, we shall give the movie some bit of justice, shall we? There were a few moments where admittedly caught myself laughing at the humor that I supposedly out of sync with. Especially the scenes involving Sid and the eggs :) And also the squirrel(?)chipmunk(?) and the nut. Overdone at times but acceptable :) The 3d effects were commendable, especially if you have Sen sitting next to you saying things like "Catch it, Vans! Catch it!" when we have scenes with things such as snowflakes appearing to fall on us and such. Sen will never fail to amuse us. THAT, I enjoy thoroughly :)

So yeah, not much of a review person but I shall rate it a :

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