Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I shall dedicated this post to LOUIS:)

Evana, hates to admit that she, like any regular girl does get her occasional ditz moments from time to time. At 7 pm this evening, she tried to sign in to blogger to update her blog. So, like any regular day, she typed her username, password and hit enter. Somehow, blogger denied her access claiming that she got the username password combo wrong. :( She tried and tried and tired and tried x15000 times. She got frustrated and IM-ed lulu. Lulu simply said:

[Louis] is bald again says: (9:29:25 PM)
reset the password la!
[Louis] is bald again says: (9:29:30 PM)
got secret question and all right
evana says: (9:29:38 PM)
yes ha
evana says: (9:29:40 PM)

And so she did. And enter did she. Oops? :)

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