Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Travel Diaries: Mt. Titlis

The next morning, we had a massive breakfast. By massive, I mean MASSIVE. 1kg of dry pasta divided between the four of us. :S Thats about 250g of spaghetti each. Don't know we downed all that but I was pretty sure half of that went into the trash anyway. 

So we left at about 7:15 am for the train station to catch our train to Engelberg. The journey took about an hour and a half, if I'm not mistaken. As with most of our Swiss rail travel, the view was simply stunning. Being asians, the entire journey was filled with us clamoring over one another trying to take pictures out the window. Hehehe. 

Evidently, the weather that morning was extremely clear and miles better than the day before. Well, that was before we reached the heart of the Swiss Alps, anyway. Heh. 

Slight overcast the moment we arrived in Engelberg. But the fact that we had the Swiss peaks in our view just eliminated all sorts of worry :) 

We went into the train station to purchase our tickets and as we already have our Swiss Passes, we were entitled to 50% off the tickets originally priced at 110francs (abt 80euros). The ticket includes ski passes, cable car tickets from Engelberg to Trubsee and Stand, Rotair tickets from Stand to Titlis, snow tubing and also the ice flyer. 

Granted, the journey up as slightly mehhh because the fog was so thick and the view was nothing spectacular because of the poor visibility. The journey to the peak took close to an hour and by the time we reached, the wind was going crazy and it was snowing cats and dogs. :( 

So we decided to head back in and took shelter in the restaurant which serves an odd mix of Indian(?) and Italian. Two pizzas and multiples toilet trips later, we looked out the window and we were stunned silent. 

If I were to imagine what Heaven is like, this would come pretty close. Despite the blistering cold and crazy wind, standing witness to His perfection temporarily made me forget about my freezing self. Heeeeeee :) 

On the 'ice flyer' which is basically a large chairlift.

On the highest suspension bridge in the world at 10,000 ft.

If I had to define one of the most exciting moments on my journey, Titlis had to be one of it :) Hope to be back again someday!

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