Friday, March 1, 2013

Top 5 Most Pretentious Food We Simply MUST Eat.

Well hello everyone! I'm back, after a year-long hiatus. Hurhurhur I'm happy to see a slight trickle of traffic during the past year despite the massive inactivity of this little space although I am 90% sure that its just my mom exercising her daily stalking habits, its ok I still love you for it <3. Anyway, I have PLENTY to update you about but today I'm just going to babble on about a few things I have going on in my head right now. First up:


Because yes, having a daily diet consisting of overpriced and cleverly marketed superfood is perfect for reassuring oneself that you are better than everyone else.

1. Greek yoghurt
The regular Danone crap just wont cut it. It simply wont! I'd rather have my yoghurt with 5% less fat and 6% less sugar. Plus I'm pretty sure that this yoghurt I'm buying isn't really 100% greek, but laden with thickening agents, sugar substitute and additional flavoring. But who cares right? As long as its GREEK, I'm pretty sure its healthy.

2. Chia Seeds
Well, 2013 is definitely the year of chia seeds! Before this it was the flax seed craze. Because my morning oats has to better than yours, duhhhh. *sprinkles chia seeds.

3. Kombucha tea
Green tea, you're so two thousand and eight. C'mon move on aside and make way for kombucha! To me, it just looks like an excuse to consume sugar and alcohol without seeming so -.-

4. Egg Whites
With eggs being my number one utmost favouritestestest food on the planet ever, this is SIN! Half of the party is in the yolk ya'll. Without 'em, its comparable to eating cupcake without its frosting! Yes, yes reduce cholesterol wtv but it doesn't mean AVOID them at all costs! C'mon don't be hatin on my egg yolks. >(

5. Organic everything
Might as well continue living your bell jar ey. Paying twice the amount of money for a little less pesticide residue is ridic. Not like you aren't exposed in other ways anyway ey? But wtheck, eveything sounds better ORGANIC yeah?

So dear fellow pretentious foodies, who are most likely to Instagram every, single, thing they eat: Happy eating!

Disclaimer: Just my two cents. Written without any particular person/persons in mind kay? :) 

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