Saturday, March 16, 2013

Summer Needs To Come Quick

So recently Moscow did this cruel thing where she gave us three days of spring and decides to take it back for at least another month. This time last week, it was all sunny and the streets were clear but if you were to look out my window right now, its like I've been warped back into Narnia. I try not to make a big deal out of it, it is after all... Russia. But its no surprise I guess, because in the previous year the last snowfall was somewhere in April so its not a shocker that its still snowing cats and dogs in March.

Anyway, if you have or are currently living in a four season country, you will probably understand my sentiments as of late. The sun and the sky in Italy and Turkey was a bitter tease of what was waiting for me after four months of enduring cold weather, fat herding, and general sloth-like tendencies. It kinda reminded me of the warm, happy days back in KL where everything just seems more... enjoyable. I guess its safe to say that my happiness generally leans on the weather and I know that I'm not the only one. Everyone just seems happier during summer.

It has occurred to me that people tend to put their lives on hold during winter. Pretty much stagnant until the sun comes out again when everything starts to really happen. The things you've put on hold, the things you've planned out for the warmer days, and even things you never thought could happen, usually will! Before you know it, you're all booked out for the entire two months (yes, med school only allows us two months boooo), cramming everything you've waited for, making up for lost time within the 60-80 days permitted.

I love when my days are planned out that way, busy and full of energy. Well, I'm pretty busy as it is with this crazy cycle and my additional commitments, but its different. It really is. Right now I feel so lethargic and unmotivated. I really need to dig DEEP to find some bit of strength to get me through the week.

I really need it to be summer already. I need it to be summer already so that my life can pick up its pace. I need it to be summer so that I can feel less like a zombie. I need it to be summer so that I can embark on my 2-week adventure through Russia, Mongolia, China and Japan. I need it to be summer so that I can be with my family, friends and Eddie. That, and nothing else :) 

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