Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two Weeks

With the excitement of the new semester, time seemed to simply by and voila we are at the end of the first cycle. The next cycle isn't going to be a heavy one so we have been simply cruising, taking each class with renewed interest without the pressure to sit for an exam right away. I may say so but at the end of each obs class we heave a hugeeeee sigh of relief coz the teacher manage to keep you on your toes the entire time. ANYWAY, because of all that I've only come to realise today that I am just two weeks shy of turning 21 :) 

I haven't really been a big birthday person and I think that my parents are more excited about it than I am. It's just another day for me to feel bad about myself because I'm halfway to 42 :'( I wasn't on the '17 things before 17' or '18 things I did when I was 18' bandwagon because its just a bit overdone I reckon. But this year, I don't know... I really feel like doing something significant but not to the point I might just become hypocritical. Yeeeehooooo :) We shall wait and see!

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