Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Disclaimer: 98% of photos were taken from inside a moving car with tinted windows and the roads were uneven and such so pardon the lack of sharpness blerghhhh. I tried. :) 

India's appeal really lies in its people. Friendly, polite, hardworking yet completely foreign. India's traffic however, is a completely different experience. They have an uncanny ability to duck and weave through traffic and are able to convert a 2-lane road into a 4-lane road. One reserved for cows. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, auto-rickshaws, pedal rickshaws, cows, goats, pedestrians... Seriously, anything goes. Wouldn't be surprised to see an aircraft roll up next to our car.

If you think that the brakes must be overworked form all the traffic-dodging, you are probably right. But the horns are equally overused. I also don't think they believe in using indicator lights. The culture is, without a horn, you are pretty much crippled on the road. Honestly, I salute the hyper reflexes and hyper agility of indian drivers.

Despite the increased risk, motorists seem to not worry that much about safety. Few motorcyclists have safety helmets on, few drivers wear seat belts. The lax in traffic control seem to be the very cause of this. The cure for this seems pretty far-fetched with the level of corruption present today. Best to leave it to their goddess of traffic to watch over them :)

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