Wednesday, July 20, 2011


தோசை - Dosa : A fermented thin pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. 

Alternative names: Dosa, Dosay, Dose, Dosai, Dhosha, Thosai, Tosai, Chakuli

Mrs. Usha, the lady who welcomed us into her home for 3 days was gracious enough to make us a stack of dosay for breakfast. As scrumptious as they were, the sheer amount of it made it hard for us to clear our plates! She says that on average, one should have at least 4 pieces for breakfast. But after 2 pieces each, mum and I gave up. Haha. Despite contrary belief, pure south Indian food is fairly healthy. It is only the altered ones available to us in Malaysia to suit our taste preferences, that are laden with coconut milk and saturated fats. 

We had nothing but Indian food for the entire duration of our trip. So I guess I wont be having anymore indian/mamak food in the nearest future. Having intense craving for sashimi now. Mmmmmm. Noms.  

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Jaslyn said...

mrs usha from cempaka?! my english lit teacher????? she is so cute and mr jayakumar used to worry so much about my maths hahaha