Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear friends,

Its been a while since I've updated partly due to the state of my academic life atm and partly because I don't actually have internet -.- So most of the time, I'm really relying on my useless EDGE connection from my phone. Apparently the place where I stay is too ulu for 3G.

Okay, so the month of February has passed and as I look back in retrospection, I can't actually remember the things I did because everything seem to have gone by in a flurry I didn't actually have the time to sit down and think back about the things around me.

Some events, however, did take place. I did things I never thought I would and I was proud of myself for taking the leap of faith. I did what was right. Its true what they say that when it comes to something difficult, just simply do it. There's no point waiting around, hustling and struggling when the outcome still remains the same. What is this thing that I did? Lol. No point telling because its all redundant now since I just undid everything. -.- Sometimes I think that I have bipolar disorder seriously. I cant decided if I'm actually happy or sad or angry, it just happens. And when it does, I have no control over them and the wrong things just come out of my mouth.

Speaking of which, this is a problem. Sometimes I feel as if, my speech precedes my thought process which will result in = my mouth blurting out inappropriate things at the most ill-suited times. This might seem trivial but it has put me in places I never thought I would be. The awkwardness after. The looks, the judgmental thoughts etc. Actually, now I think that I'm not quite ready to talk about it.


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