Monday, February 7, 2011

Secret: I just made my maid search the entire living room for snakes because I thought I saw one.

This week brings with it the emotions I have yet to part with and that is : separation. Just as rest and recreation is about to make itself comfortable in my life, the new semester is far too eager to usher it out and permanently settle in my system for the next 5 months. I can't totally say that I'm opposing this because its true what they say: you are what you make yourself to be. Separation issues? Mehhhhhh give it a week and the incessant workload will naturally take care of that.

Its blurry, unclear and the font's way to small but I couldn't be bothered because you wouldn't be able to read Cyrillic or understand Russian anyway. So loosely translated, the schedule above means: No eat, no sleep, only work. LOL no lah, not until that extent I suppose. But it could come close given that the last semester wasn't exactly a walk through the park.

I haven't blogged in a really long time hence now I feel like I'm talking to myself. Maybe I am. Heh. Wtvr.

I just pray and hope that my friends and I will have a blessed year with God's guidance and protection because I'm not lying when I say that I'm going back with a tinge of fear thanks to that Goku Doku Umarov dude who decided to release a threat video claiming to cause unrest in Russia the entire year. Check it out here.

So dear friends, family and possibly, erm talking cats, I can duly say that I am eggcited for the new semester to begin - new books, new pens, new highlighters, new subjects, new opportunities and best of all... spring!

It'd better be good, because I've had a taste of summer before spring ;)

Gut feeling tells me that its going to be just as good :)

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