Monday, January 3, 2011

Can this road be taken?

Is this road the only way?

More often than not, we find ourselves bound by choices. Though it may seem as if there are plenty of decisions to make, the truth doesn't go as far. We talk, we listen, we tell about our inner fears. Some are trapped in situations they can't stand. Others, hopelessly lament about their lives which have not gone according to plan. Everyday I pray so I do not suffer the same fate. Little did I know, I was actually in a wicked little game life decided to play on me.

I wake up and sleep to the same spread of problems every single day. The difference is that now, I stop there. No tears. No worries. A problem is a problem only if there is a legit solution to it. If the end to the problem looks bleak or non existent, may its time to wake up.

If you still decide to plough through incessantly for that slight glimmer of happiness, the weight of it all will still pinch you in the end. Many spiritualities advocate pure happiness through the cessation of resistance and desire, consenting to the nature of the world and our place within it. However, accepting things the way that they are does not mean that you necessarily like or approve of them; these two should not be confused with acceptance. It takes a lot to stop resisting things you hate or making peace with the things you loathe.

So you still think its unfair to feel hurt and suffer loss?

Let it all go, and find peace through acceptance.

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