Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Old Bat

The weekend is finally here! Work has dissipated for the time being though it will come back to haunt me next week since I still have a disgusting amount of lectures and classwork to complete and update. Its terrifying how everything doesn't seem to stop around here - work wise. I think you can conclude that my life is pretty sad when I say that the highlight of my weeks is the release of new House/Grey's/Big Bang Theory/ANTM episodes. :)

Two days ago, I plopped another buttcheek into the realm of adulthood. Twas a muted birthday and I started the day horribly by blanking out during my Pathologic Anatomy colloq. SIGH. But spending the day with MK made things better I guess. :)

I don't know what to say about 'how I feel being 20' since its only been a day but even with time, I don't think I'd be able to give you an answer. I'm still searching for myself for I've lost touch with my sense of being. Its like... how you open your cupboard every morning trying to find the right outfit to put on everyday. I for one, am still looking for the right outfit. I suck at this whole analogy thing but you get my drift, right? hurhurhur.

Sidenote: I think that I have become socially awkward. I used feel okay being in the centre of attention but after 2 years of putting others before myself, I can't help but feel uncomfortable being thought of, talked about or looked at. Its like I have dissolved into this socially inept person who is very much at home being in the corner or back of the classroom detached from the activity of those around me.

Dear friends, thank you for all the kind wishes :)

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