Friday, July 2, 2010

Pies in My Sky

I see ferris wheels.

I see The Click Five.

Sometimes, I find myself riding in to epic battles against two-headed snakes with the blessing of Gandalf.

Sometimes, I simply dream I am alone.

See, I am defective in the way that I dream every single night, rather than the regular cycle most people  have. I open my eyes every morning, sit up and try my very best to make sense of my midnight head trips. And if I don't remember my dream as soon as I wake up, which happens very rarely, something will happen later in the day to trigger the memory of my dream.

I fascinate myself with the nature of my dreams, really. I love them, even the horrible ones, even the painful ones. When I find myself in that state of unconscious delirium, everything feels so abnormally and unbelievably real.

As a child, my dreams were mostly of the horror genre. That's before more muted dreams started to filter in as I grew older. A favourite of my tales is one in which Godzilla made a guest appearance. In this dream, which I revisited three nights in a row and then never dreamed of again, concerned my family and I trying to run away from Godzilla. -.- We tried to get out of the place via airplane before the giant lizard chomped the thing down and the 5 of us fell all the way down into Carrefour - between canned goods and vegetables. The thing managed to find us and chased us all around the building until we found a hiding spot in the fish freezer forgetting the fact that Godzilla's diet consists primarily of seafood -.-. Then we died.

That's just the dream that has not managed to leak out of my head even though it has absolutely no significance or whatsoever. I've had more graphic dreams and definitely more interesting ones. I've even found myself laughing to myself after waking up from a dream and going back to sleep right after that. :)

I've learned also that sometimes my dreams depict my emotional state pretty accurately. That's what happens when you fail to put your problems aside before sleep kicks in.

Some of my dreams, however, are completely useless. Just last night I dreamed that I was on a train playing cards with a stranger. Hmm?

Many people have different thoughts and view about what dreams really are and what they mean. I choose to close one eye and enjoy the ride.

After all, I quite fancy having pies in my sky :)

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