Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Danger of Lying in Bed

After a few months, I am finally conscious of the fact that I have recurring dreams. Yes. Well, the essence of my head trips are diverse but the way in which they all end are the same. Every. Single. Time.

The latest adventure included my mom's car, the IRS, the african-american guy from White Chicks, my grandmother's house, white-phosphorus bombs, blue umbrellas and a longkang. The plot is as clear as dishwater and for this reason I shall not waste finger energy and your reading time trying to spread it flat for you.

But I shall story you about how they end :) It begins at the X in the lower left corner. Please follow :

 This plays in my mind almost everytime(hint: imagine FPS). In a way, it admits me an excellent transition between sleep and awake - pulling me towards lucidity after an enhausting adventure in Dreamland (isn't that a mattress brand? -.- )

What I don't enjoy is, waking up sweaty and breathless. I kid you not when I say '684m dead sprint' - SURE FEELS LIKE IT.

Well, I hope your dreams treat you as well mine does me!

Sure writes out the dream itself, good or bad. Heh



samanosuke_04 said...

i miss u!!

Amy Fareena said...

hahahha... tiring dream...
it's kinda weird when these kinda dreams happen. because dreams only occurs in REM sleep. i don't know if u've learn it yet, but REM sleep is basically a very deep sleep. and this is a really3 resting state. so yeah, it's weird when we wake up not feeling rested