Monday, December 14, 2009

Snot Ice Cream

As of today, I no longer have Psychology classes. So along with the conclusion of Histology and MedCare, my Mondays are free!

The temperature dropped 10 degrees overnight to -20 today and I was out walking in my autumn jacket. ARLO VANS, you think you superman or what? It was so cold, I could've sworn the snot in my nose froze over. :( meep. But forecasts state that the temp will be worse next week, dipping to -30. Joy. :)
I might end up like Hans Solo in er.. Episode 5? Ok nvm.

I have been watching How I Met Your Mother endlessly, finishing 18 episodes at a go and my progress on the check-things-off-to-do-list project is abysmal. This is a part of it:

1. Finish Anatomy paper
2. Study Physio - colloq. endless I tell you. endless.
3. Finish Physio protocols
4. Study Biochem - colloq this week vans, harloo, you cuckoo??
5.Study Biochem mcq - repeat gluconeogenesis after you FAILED last week.
6. Buy a heater - too cold too cold
7. Buy warm socks - too cold too cold
8. Get light bulbs for the room - still living in the dark -.-
9. Seal the windows properly - too cold too cold

Plenty of things to do and yet, I can't get my big bum off the chair and DO THEM. Well except for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. I need to be on the chair for that.

You know what they say,

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Which is what you are doing this exact moment. ARGH.


ieda said...

goodluck ;)

Evana said...

thank you :)

Diyana Shah said...

OMG. How I Met Your Mother is LOVE! keep watching. im in season 5 already. hehe