Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On Khvataet

My cat came back!!!

Colar-less and skinnier though.
It seemed to me (on twitter) that mummy was so distressed the week Eddy went missing.
Edward has been with us since she (yes, its a SHE) the day we received her from her mummy's womb together with her equally adorable litter, 4 to be precise. At that moment in time, considering the fact that we already had 3 other cats, we decided to give away all the kittens to people who wanted them. After they grew dependent of their mummy, one by one the kittens were sent away to various loving homes. Well, all but one. And I can't be thankful enough for that. Till today, I can't imagine home without her trodding the pilllows, scratching the rattan settee, sleeping at the ODDEST places including my sister's baby stroller.
Eddy was a VERY crazy kitten! She is the kind of feline that would go on for hours trying to catch her own tail, running at full speed across the hall and crashing into the wall later on. That funny little furball also enjoys climbing to the very top of the staircase and tumble all the way down only to climb back up and repeat the whole process again and again and again.
Now, 5 years and 7 months later, Edward is showing signs of age. Somehow less crazy. Less furry and less cheerful.

I guess that even cats don't get to escape the grasp of age.

Happy that you're back! Whee!

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