Monday, October 19, 2009

Nak Jaga Status

Never ever have I, felt like studying a certain material right after I have been tested on it. Honest to God, the amount that I 'studied' the night before is close to zilch and my conscience was restless day and night as a result of this selection.
I still fail to be conscious of why people fail to respond appropriately to my 'OMG. I DID NOT STUDY!' I may be many things. But a liar, I am not. People implicate that I study behind closed doors and later on proudly proclaim to the world that I have not studied, and yetttttt... managed to get fairly decent results. Are you willing to tell me that it is fair and just for me to be deserving of such accusations? I think not.
I may not fall into the category of people who study all the time. I admit, I do not study in the metro, I do not study from sun up to sun down, I do not study most of the time. But I do, when the time is right. And when I do, I STUDY. I do not study just to fill up my '4 hours a day quota'. So yes, I think I do have the right to say that I haven't revised when I really have not revised. But I still fail to discern why people and their inapt prejudice, are affected by this. Saying this and that, that and this, failing to even weigh the amount of truth in the words that simply roll off their tongues. What a pity. FITNAH itu dosa. Bukan saya yang memegangnya, tapi awak.
What I am trying to say is, don't jump to your own conclusions because most of the time, they are completely antiparallel to the truth :) Nak jaga status. Please...... Status tu boleh bawak sampai ke mane?? Fikir elok elok dulu sebelum berkata-kata.

Terima kasih.