Saturday, October 3, 2009


3rd October 1964
God breathed life into a very delicate being, one whom I have the liberty of calling 'mom' today.
Today, is the day you age another day, another year. But age does not matter, right? Unless you are a cheese, of course.
I simply hope that soon enough you, dad, the girls and I will find out that significant moments in life are not the commonly commemorated ones, the birthdays, the awards, the goals achieved. The real events are somewhat discreet and less engaging. Uninvited, they arrive at the door of our memories, like stray cats that amble in, scratch around for a little and then they choose to never leave. Our amazing lives are reckoned by these.

Alright, I shall now go bake a cake for you and also eat it for you, okay?

p.s. You are not reallly 45. You're still 22 with 23 years of experience ;)

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