Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hari Raya

In conjunction with the month of Syawal cum hari raya, Let us reflect on a hadith of the Prophet narrated by Anas bin Malik, regarding the concept of 'hari raya'. According to the Prophet, hari raya befalls people under 5 conditions:

1. Living an entire day without comitting a single sin.

2. Returning to our Maker with full faith and free from the evil of the devil.

3. Crossing Siratul Mustakim safely without falling into the depths of hell.

4. The day we enter heaven and escape safely from the fires of hell.

5. The day we find ourselves looking into the face of Allah swt

The most pleasurable day for a mukmin is the day he finds himself looking into the face of God. This is the most supreme pleasure and its magnitude is enough to make one forget about the enjoyment of heaven. So much so that some dare claim that this is the climax of one's life.

Hopefully hariraya does not end as soon as the month of syawal concludes. Let us pray it continues until we successfully pass sakratul-maut , siratul mustaqim bridge, and eventually become residents of heaven, and hopefully withim the presence of Allah swt himself.


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