Monday, July 13, 2009

You may change the words, but the song remains the same.

I discovered something cool yesterday..... Online shopping! Its quite easy if you ask me and you don't need to go to the malls which are getting really boooooring recently.

So anyways, I got quite caught up browsing yesterday I realised it was already 1 a.m. Okay, time to hit the sack right? But then, 'someone' promised he was going to text after his movie.
Heck, this has happened many times. He says he's going to call, and yet he doesn't. He says he's going to text, and yet he doesn't. We talked about it and yes, things did improve. So, I thought that things have changed for the better :) Lo and behold, look at where we are now :) haha. Oh well.

So, to kill time, I was browsing and surfing the net when Berne fb-ed me and we started talking. What an unlikely companion at an ungodly hour considering we barely even speak in Moscow. Berne, you're cool no matter what people choose to say about you. This just goes to show that our perceptions about people are completely inaccurate no matter how much we are convinced about our ideas and opinions. I respect the depth and maturity of your mentality and the way you leap over the hurdles lined up ahead of you. Ok, I should stop before people associate Evana with homophilia.

I apologise for the structureless post.

Kill me :(

Oh, still waiting for your killer kaya btw :)

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