Monday, July 20, 2009

Selamat Tinggal Beruang Ness

When boredom (or revelation) hits Ness, she sends me letters :)

Nor Ainessa Ahmed Azhar, I have known you for 13 years out of my 19 years of living. That means:
13/19 x 100% = 68.4% of my life!! *gasps*

Look at that manja annoying little piggy stuck to Ms. Linda's armpit!

And today, you leave for Koala-land :( I have to say that it doesn't feel as if you are going away for real because we haven't been spending that much time together the past year, since I was unfortunately unwillingly whisked away to Vodka-land to study dead bodies. But the physical distance never really affected US did it? :) All thanks to Mr. Skype and Ms. Messenger :)

With you gone, we don't get to take silly pictures that often anymore :(
Ness posesses the most irritating collection of Evana's-most-horrible-pics. >(

Of all things from roti canai to heat, I know what you are going to miss the most :)
The horrible loudjokecracking-funnyjellydancing-toothbrushstealing- smellyfarting-crazydriving-fattummypiggy-ocdpretending guy that you call a boyfriend :)

MUSCLES konon! Haha, Aunty caught you at such an unglam moment :)

Do NOT drive like this! Especially, if you have ME sitting in the backseat!
I hope that the 4000miles do not affect you guys in any specific way and prove to us skeptics that long-distance relationships can work if two really put their hearts into it.

"for another 40 years"

40 years from now, I anticipate the moment you and I sit enjoying each other's company, nursing our cups of tea and lemon curd, tormenting our granddaughter's boyfriends, ad interim as if nothing has changed in the past 4 decades.

All I want to say is, thanks Ness for enlightening me, and for being a friend who thinks that I am a good egg even though you know that I am slightly cracked :)

Where else am I supposed to find a friend who drinks curry out of a bowl with a straw?

Missing you already


Li Lian said...

awww.. so sweet~! hehe XDXD

btw, ainessa and her bf r so sweet. teehee ;P

wish them luck~! owh btw, LDR can work if u love each other so damn much like my sis's friend; one in AUS n the other in US. been 5 years i think. amazing heh? *winks*

Lil ^^

Evana said...

omg, serious? SO LONG!!!! :) :)
Thanks Lil :) :)
nice to hear from you!